Michele trying a first contact with a bell-shaped flower

Michèle in a first contact situation

Who am I?

In a nutshell: I tell long & short stories in English and French, science-fiction being my favorite flavor!

And of course, I am curious (pic)!

How did I come to write SF ?

My late and dear father Jacques Laframboise initiated me to reading science-fiction and bird watching. My love of nature pulled me to get degrees in geography and engineering, but two recessions and my own social awkwardness kept the employers away. Anyway, I got my fantastic husband out of university, and that’s a win.

I couldn’t get any entry-level sitting-at-a-desk job in my fields, but I nevertheless did about 36 odd jobs to sustain myself and my budding family. All were precarious, temporary, ill paid. Some were quite dangerous, some quite tedious, most of them physically demanding. All were sources of inspiration.

So as I hate to let anything go to waste, I draw from my extended scientific background to create worlds filled with humor, invention and wonder.

At the time of writing this I have 19 trad-pub novels and over 50 short-stories in pro and semi-pro markets. I am also a comic enthusiast with a dozen of graphic novels and still maintains an illustrated blog. My stories have been featured in Solaris, Galaxies, Brins d’Éternité, Fiction River, Compelling Science Fiction, Abyss&Apex, Future SF and Asimov’s.


What did I do?

My complete list of works (hang on there!)

My illustrated English blog Echoes of a Sunday Artist.

My traditionally published books

My comic books

My indie-published books


What do I indie-publish?

Eventail de livres

Many of my novels and graphic novels are orphans, because the publishing houses have crumbled behind me like those rope bridges in adventure movies… I had to run fast!

A number of my award-winning or nominated short-stories are now stuck between the yellowing pages of old magazines. So I created my own house just to make those stories available for the amateurs, which makes me an hybrid writer. Being a Canadian and bilingual, I translated stories so both English- and French-speaking fans can enjoy them.

Echofictions publishes my backlist of short-stories and novels, in electronic and print. It is also putting out new stories in short print runs, because the paper format would ruin a traditional publishing house. Echofictions is gradully moving towards putting out full novels and graphic novels on the market. The indie house is a strong supporter of the Salon du livre de Toronto.


My indie-pub titles

This new indie house only publishes my backlist or short formats that traditional publishers could not print without risking bankrupcy.  Available in electronic or print.

Life is too short to read boring books. Most of the titles will warm you all over, and a few will give a little chill… to be grateful for what we enjoy in life!

Go get-em!

My trad-pub titles

All are in French. You’ve been warned.

Novels at Vents d’Ouest

Vents d’Ouest was a Gatineau, QC, publisher for 25 years. Alas, my friend and publisher Michel Lavoie died, and the house did not survive.


Novels in the 14-18 collection at David

The Éditions David are located in Ottawa and publish French novels. Alive and kicking!

Paloma’s  Secret (2021) dwells about how collective grief affects a human community stranded on an hostile planet. 

The Ithuriel Project (2012) is a political anticipation following a little girl raised to become a spying weapon. 330 p. More info here

Quest of Chaaas – Honor Road series

The original publisher has let go of the series. In translation.

The tribulations of an adolescent growing in a space-faring, super-gardeners’ civilisation – 5 short novels

In the Empire, warriors are the best gardeners…


The Jules-Verne Saga

We were the best… that would be dispensed with! – 4 novels

Space-opera / Galactic Empire / Adventure 

Through the eyes of Armelle, a shy Martian with brittle bones, we follow the Jules-Verne, an old Aries-class cruiser, lead by Anton Kurian, its irascible and alcoholic commander. The ship must leave the prepossessing Gayan Alliance territory for a long-term mission that could bring a final victory over a rival race.

But everything is not as it seems, and layers of secret are peeled as the Jules-Verne progresses toward a certain annihilation!

A four book series.

 Adult novels – Science Fiction

Graphic novels

All of those are currently distrisbuted by the author, for reason mentioned above (the crumbling rope bridge)

2013-2017 Fun at the Signing Table, Blog
2014 Ruego (français), Sunday Artist Studio, Mississauga
2014 Otaku Ladies : Labyrinthe, Sunday Artist Studio, Mississauga
2013 Négociations, (mini comic) Sunday Artist Studio, Mississauga
2013 The General’s Garden, Fichtre/ Sunday Artist Studio, (réédition)
2013 Otaku Ladies : Control Game, Sunday Artist Studio, Mississauga
2010 La Plume Japonaise, Vermillon, Ottawa, 56 p.
2009 Le Jardin du général, Fichtre, 24 p.
2009 The General’s Garden, Fichtre, 24 p.
2007 Ruego, tirage de collection numéroté (anglais) Mississauga, 20 p.
2006 Séances de signatures, éd. Fichtre, coll. Tchiize, Montréal 48 p.
1998 Duk-Prah, der Job Jäger. Zone convective, Montréal, 18 p.
1997 Duk-Prah, the Job Hunter. Zone convective, Montréal, 18 p.
1997 Duk-Prah, chasseur d’emplois. Zone convective, Montréal, 18 p.
1997 Pianissimo! Zone convective, Montréal, 64 p.
1996 Technologie salvatrice II. Zone convective, Montréal, 48 p.
1991 Technologie salvatrice! Éditions du Phylactère, Montréal, 44 p.
1987 Les aventures écologiques du CREM. Autoédition, Montréal, 48 p.

Get a taste of them on my Sunday Artist Blog !