Titles at Echofictions

This new indie house only publishes my backlist or short formats that traditional publishers could not print without risking bankrupcy.  Available in electronic or print.

Life is too short to read boring books.

Most of the titles will warm you all over, and a few will give a little chill… to be grateful for what we enjoy in life!

Go get-em!
Pour mes titres en français, voir ici

Novels at Vents d’Ouest

Vents d’Ouest is a Gatineau, QC, publisher since 25 years.

14-18 collection at David

The Éditions David are located in Ottawa and publish French novels.

Political anticipation (2012): a little girl raised to become a spying weapon escapes from her lab… 330 p. More info here

Quest of Chaaas – Honor Road series

The tribulations of an adolescent growing in a space-faring, super-gardeners’ civilisation – 5 short novels

In the Chhatyl Empire, warriors are the best gardeners…

Left for dead in the north desert where the annual Quest takes place, young Chaaas vows to get his revenge.

The most likely culprit is the arrogant Sson, whose rich father and brother are rumored to be linked in a Azan drug ring, an hallucinogenic powder coveted in all the Chhatyl Empire. Ignoring his friends’ advice, Chaaas pursues his investigation, actively preparing his rival’s humiliation. But a tiny speck of sand slips into his well-laid plans, bringing mayhem and toppling his life.

The Jules-Verne Saga

We were the best… that would be dispensed with! – 4 novels

Space-opera / Galactic Empire / Adventure 

Through the eyes of Armelle, a shy Martian with brittle bones, we follow the Jules-Verne, an old Aries-class cruiser, lead by Anton Kurian, its irascible and alcoholic commander. The ship must leave the prepossessing Gayan Alliance territory for a long-term mission that could bring a final victory over a rival race.

But everything is not as it seems, and layers of secret are peeled as the Jules-Verne progresses toward a certain annihilation!

A four book series.

 Adult novels – Science Fiction

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