My formidable, funny, foolish and always fantastic fans are those for who I write my stories. My readers are mostly invisible in my day-to-day life, but sometimes, I get a message, a word or a smile at events.

I present a flourish of new worlds for my readers of all ages, to let them know how wonderful life can get, how the challenges my characters meet reflect on their own (and no less heroic) tribulations.

Les jumelles de Lady Byrd!

J’envoie une lettre en français à tous les mois, et j’y parle de tout et rien, de mes projets et publications, et de lecture. Bien sûr, il y a quelques cadeaux en chemin! Cliquez sur les jumelles de Lady Byrd pour vous abonnez et découvrir mon livre gratuit !

Lady Byrd's field glasses!

I love to write and I read, read a lot! I send a newsletter every month, talking about fun things and projects, and my readings. And rewards along the way! For my fine English-speaking fans: click on the binoculars to get my letter and a taste of my writing!









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