My reading pile update into the new year

Michèle running to get a new book

A reading pile update for my fans. I am not always writing, and those days of the new year, I am currently reading five very disparate novels.

Two SF Canadian authors first: Den Waldron’s Axis of Andes for the historical context of south America before WWII, and The Nightingale’s Tooth by Sally McBride, a fantasy novel set in an historical uchrony.

Progressing through Joyce Carol Oates, A Book of American Martyrs. This is totally general, psychological, sociological literature surrounding the abortion/free choice conundrum. And a compelling read, because JCO knows how to make you care about all the characters growing in very opposite cultures.

Finishing a weird western, the Devils’ Revolver by V.S. McGrath, and (Oooooh!) An Unwilling Bride, a Regency romance paperback published in 1992, by acclaimed romance author Jo Beverley*.

None of this reading pile update books remotely resemble my current brand of fiction. Go figure!

*Jo Beverley gave me three signed novels in 2007, in exchange for my helping her with some French dialogue lines, for a novel project. The Unwilling Bride was among those, and also a anthology of space-opera romances to which Jo contributed, which I read first. I must say that a Regency romance has a totally different atmosphere than my action-filled space-operas!



Michèle Laframboise écrit et dessine des histoires de science-fiction. Diplômée en géographie et en génie civil, elle a publié 19 romans et plus de 45 nouvelles. En mots ou en images, Michèle entraîne ses lecteurs dans des paradoxes sociaux à la rencontre de personnages émouvants.

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