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My hard-SF short-story, Living on the Trap, is out in the November-December issue of Analog Science-Fiction & Facts.

The story is set on a world similar to the Trappist system, but it is not the exact same system. Being a nit-picker, I found too many discrepancies in my first story draft, so I moved to a fictional world tidally locked to a red dwarf. However, a misshaped moon still makes it rounds in a tight four-day cycle.

That kind of story always forces me to imagine solutions to a scarcity of resources that any colonist would face.

Moreover, what if your  long-distance, slower-than-light colony ship enters the system… to find that faster, more recently built ships have already brought colonists there? They would have to make do with the least-enviable spots. Meaning, on the dark side, where the sun rays never touch the ground, but the elevated oven towers can catch a few rays…  Life is a challenge, but they make do, playfulling calling their world the Trap.  And the narrator, a young girl living in one of the habitats, soon faces a typical problem.

The very beautiful splash illustration for my SF story is by artist Eli Bischof . A tiny sample shown here!

A tiny sample of the illustration by Eli Bischof

If you like the actual Trappist system, the second story in the same issue by Jeff Reynolds who works in the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, home of New Horizons, Parker Solar Probe, and the upcoming Dragonfly mission to Titan. Exciting projects! His blog is at and despite the name he is not a troll, but a fine person.

The Eiffel Tower of Trappist-1d, deals with a handful of brave settlers endeavouring to recreate the Earth monuments destroyed in the last galactic war.  But the rest of the human Galaxy spurs on, forgetting the past… who will come?

This and many other great stories await!



Michèle Laframboise écrit et dessine des histoires de science-fiction. Diplômée en géographie et en génie civil, elle a publié 19 romans et plus de 45 nouvelles. En mots ou en images, Michèle entraîne ses lecteurs dans des paradoxes sociaux à la rencontre de personnages émouvants.

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