Flopée de publications!

Couverture de Safe Harbor

Une flopée de publications pleut ce mois-ci, dans les deux langues officielles! Les Archives du prix Rosetta, Neo-Opsis, mon recueil de nouvelles de SF disponible au Salon du livre de Toronto… Continuer la lecture

5 Hard and Crunchy SF Tales

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Welcome to the Big Bang Bar, where the playground of the ultra-rich spans whole solar systems. Follow a cyber-butterfly soaring over the scarred Earth, with strings attached! Watch a proud woman stranded in the pitiless Martian desert find her way out — or die trying. Discover why an alien ship must keep eternally shifting its parts. Or would you prefer to jump a few billions years forward to witness the end of our universe?
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5 Histoires chocolatées pour se réchauffer le cœur !

Cinq histoires chocolatées pour se réchauffer le cœurLivre et tasse de breuvage chaud

Quand les jours se font courts, on cherche le réconfort d’un bon livre, avec un chocolat chaud. Cinq histoires chocolatées pour se réchauffer le cœur! Continuer la lecture

5 Holiday Tales filled with Hope (to Enjoy with a Cup of Hot Chocolate!)

5 Chocolate-Rich Holiday Stories

When days get shorter, we seek the comfort of a good book, like those 5 Fun Holiday Tales, with a mug of hot chocolate. These 5 Chocolate-Rich Holiday Stories are upbeat, hope-filled tales about friendship and hope on a human scale. Continuer la lecture